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Reading 5-6 класс (2)

Всероссийская олимпиада школьников по английскому языку. Школьный этап. 

Прочитайте текст в левом столбике и предложения к нему в правом столбике. Так как это второе задание по чтению, нумерация предложений начинается с девяти. Впечатайте в таблицу буквы выбранных ответов. Затем нажмите "Check", чтобы увидеть результат. Первое задание по чтению смотрите здесь.


Task 2

Read the article about snowboarding. For sentences 9-15, choose True (A) if the sentence agrees with the text and False (B) if it doesn’t agree with the text.

My snowboarding holiday
by Hannah Lane

I learned to ski when I was very small, because my parents took my brothers and me to ski with them almost as soon as we could walk. So when I started snowboarding at 11, I thought it would be easy. But on the first day of a family snowboarding holiday, I got on my new snowboard and went down a small hill – and immediately fell! I couldn’t stop, so if my brothers stopped in front of me, I made them fall too! They were brilliant because they showed me exactly what to do – but they laughed at me, too!
When I started to improve, my parents decided to take us further up the mountain on a ski lift. As we got higher, we could see right over the tops of the trees below. When we got off the lift, we all jumped onto our snowboards and went down the mountain – including me! And I was the first one of the family to get to the bottom!
My knees hurt a bit afterwards, but I was fine. I still think I like skiing better, but I’d certainly like to try snowboarding again!
9. Hannah was able to snowboard before she could ski.
10. The first time Hannah tried her new snowboard was on a big mountain.
11. When Hannah started snowboarding, she was surprised that it was so difficult.
12. Hannah’s brothers helped her when she was learning to snowboard.
13. Hannah reached the bottom of the mountain faster than her brothers.
14. Hanna’s fingers hurt the next day because she fell down.
15. Hanna has decided than she now prefers snowboarding to skiing.

9 10

11 12

13 14




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