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Reading 5-6 класс (1)

Всероссийская олимпиада школьников по английскому языку. Школьный этап. 

Прочитайте текст в левом столбике и ответьте на вопросы к нему в правом столбике. Впечатайте в таблицу буквы выбранных ответов. Затем нажмите "Check", чтобы увидеть результат. Второе задание по чтению смотрите здесь.

Task 1

Read the article about three schoolboys who go to different kinds of schools. For questions 1-8 choose the answer A, B or C.
My parents sent me to drama school when I was eight.
It is the biggest drama school in the country. The school day begins at eight o’clock. We do dance, music, theatre or project work in the morning. After lunch, we change into our school uniform and have normal school lessons until 4.30 pm. Sometimes at the weekend we put on shows or have sports competitions with other schools. I love it!
My parents started teaching me at home when we moved to the countryside because my old school was too far away.
I wake up at eight o’clock and begin classes an hour later. In the mornings, my mum teaches me Maths and Science. In the afternoon, I do sports or Art with my dad. My weekends are free. I like home schooling because I can sometimes choose my own projects and I can wear what I like.
I live in my school and I go home to see my parents in the holidays. They live in France, so sometimes I miss them.
We wake up early – at 6.45 am, have breakfast and start the first lesson at 8.40 am. There are six lessons every weekday. We also have two lessons on Saturday morning. There is no uniform, but we have to wear smart clothes.
I am not great at studying, but I win a lot of prizes for football and tennis.
1. Who has only two teachers?
A Steven B Martin C Thomas
2. Who has lessons at the weekend?
A Steven B Martin C Thomas
3. Who has to wear a uniform?
A Steven B Martin C Thomas
4. Who does well in sports competitions?
A Steven B Martin C Thomas
5. Who can sometimes decide what to study?
A Steven B Martin C Thomas
6. Whose parents live in a different country?
A Steven’s B Martin’s C Thomas’s
7. Who left his old school when his family moved house?
A Steven B Martin C Thomas
8. Whose lessons start at the earliest time?
A Steven’s B Martin’s C Thomas’s

1 2

3 4

5 6

7 8


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