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Perfect pets

Perfect pets


Прочитайте тест и выполните тест. Если утверждение верно, выберите TRUE, если оно неверно, выберите FALSE.
Finding the perfect pet that suits you is not an easy decision. Most people's first thought would be to get a dog or a cat. They are both great pets, but remember that a dog needs many hours of your time.There are many other pets, such as fish or birds, but many never consider having a rabbit, especially inside their home. When I was a child my brother and I had a couple of rabbits in a hutch in the garden. Like many children we played with them for a period of time and soon they were only played with occasionally. I do look back and wish that we had given them more time, because in recent years I have come to realise how rewarding a rabbit can be. A friend of ours had a house bunny and we were amazed that they can be toilet trained, and if they are cleaned daily they never smell. Eventually we decided that we would get a rabbit which would be allowed to run freely around our home. Depending on the type of bunny you buy there are many different sizes. We chose a Holland Lop and named her Honey. Honey is now eighteen months old and is part of the family. She loves a routine, and her favourite treat is a piece of banana. She loves to be petted and cuddled. The noises that she makes when she is happy being stroked is like a cat purring; only it's actually her teeth chattering with delight. Have you ever heard of binking? Neither had we until we started reading about bunnies. Binking is when rabbits run around like mad things leaping in the air and frolicking about. It is so entertaining to watch them going crazy like this. I have seen that some people will take their rabbits out on leads, which is great for the bunnies but remember that if they venture outside that you have to beware of fleas, ticks and more importantly other animals attacking them. They can move fast, but fear stops them in their tracks, they will freeze out of fear. That's where the saying, ("Like a rabbit in the headlights!") comes from. Feeding your rabbit to keep him or her in the best of health will require 80% hay in their diet. Alfalfa is not the best type to get. Timothy Hay is the best, along with a small amount of pellets and fresh vegetables. Treats should be kept to a minimum. Hay in their diet is critical to their optimal health. Rabbits teeth will continue to grow and the way that a rabbit eats hay actually grinds down their teeth.

Rabbits will spend a good part of their day sleeping. They love to be around you and also love to play. Cardboard boxes, old books, paper and baby toys are great to keep your bunny amused. A playful rabbit is a happy contented one. Give them love and be loved in return. These lovable pets are well overlooked, but if you have the time they are really rewarding.



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