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Чтение. Диагностический тест 11 класс (демо, Москва 2012г)


  1. Ask your parents for permission to have a party. Decide what kind of party you want and whether it will be held indoors or outdoors. Send written invitations to your friends. Tell them what kind of party you are having, at what time, where, and whether or not the guests should wear costumes. Make a list of games you would like to play. Ask your mother to help you prepare refreshments. Ice cream, cake, cookies, and lemonade are good for any party
    Party dessert
    Outdoor game
    Giving a party
    Party game
  2. Do you like Latin American dancing? Do you want to dance like you see in the films and on the stage? Do you want to feel the rhythm of the music in your body and in your soul? Do you want to meet other people who have a love for the same music as you? If you have answered “Yes” to any of these questions, join our Latin dance classes on Thursday night between seven and ten. All are welcome.
    Musical performance
    Perfect holidays
    Exciting hobby
    Giving a party
  3. Like other sweet food, chocolate helps endorphins, natural hormones, that give us the feelings of pleasure and well-being, to appear in our body. Chocolate also makes us feel good by reacting with our brains. Scientists say that some people may develop chocoholism – a dependency on chocolate. So it\'s just possible that, with every bar of chocolate, your brain changes step by step in order to make you love chocolate more and more!
    Safe sweetness
    Love of sweet from your father
    History of chocolate
    Chocolate mania
  4. Chocolate is made from the seeds of the tree Theobroma cacao. The ancient Aztecs used the beans of the cacao tree as a form of money. The Aztecs discovered that by crushing the beans into a paste and adding spices, they could make a refreshing and nourishing drink. This drink was very bitter, not like our chocolate drinks today. 16th century European explorers brought the drink back from their travels, added sugar, and soon it was popular as an expensive luxury.
    History of chocolate
    Favourite food
    Love of sweet from your father
    Chocolate mania
  5. I\'m a 24-year-old business student from Malaysia and I\'ve been going to English classes at night school for the past 5 years. I\'m writing to ask your opinion on my problem. Up to now I\'ve thought that I\'m a good student. Last month I went to Britain. Nobody could understand me and I couldn\'t understand them. What went wrong? My English teacher is very good and I always get the highest mark for my grammar test.
    English people’s mistakes
    Communication problems
    Examination results
    Making it easier to understand
  6. Back in the 17th and 18th centuries, many scientific works were written explaining the advantages of chocolate for medicine, and today it\'s a regular food in army rations. Chocolate could help prevent tooth decay, according to scientists at Japan\'s Osaka University. The cocoa beans from which chocolate is made have an antibacterial agent that fights tooth decay. These parts of the beans are not usually used in chocolate production, but in future they could be added back into chocolate to make it friendly for teeth.
    Friend or enemy
    Help to dentists
    Healthy food
    Sweet tooth



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