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ВОШ 7-8 класс 2020-2021 школьный этап. Аудирование

Перед вами задание по аудированию, которое было предложено на московской олимпиаде этого года. Выполните его в виде интерактивного теста с автоматизированным выводом результатов. Результаты будут даны в процентах, попытки можно повторять, но 100% можно заработать только, если все ответы окажутся верными с первого раза. Текст прослушайте дважды.
Ниже дан скрипт задания. Не спешите обращаться к нему раньше, чем завершите тест. Остальные задания смотрите в меню раздела Олимпиады.

Part 1

Time: 10 minutes
Maximum points – 7

How do British people recognize a Russian speaker of English? Listen to a dialogue between a Russian student and a British teacher and find it out.
Then complete the sentences by using a word from the text. Mind your spelling. You will hear the text twice.



Complete the sentences by using a word from the text. Mind your spelling. You will hear the text twice.
1. When we ideas to students, we should be very clear, so that they understand.
2. speakers of English talk to each other in a different way.
3. There are certain that creep into your English.
4. Also, when not native speakers conduct between themselves, they use English otherwise.
5. For , don’t expect the English to use your name in conversation.
6. There are some obvious problems that come from English .
7. English people seem rude in the way they each other.





Marina: Is there such a thing as Russian English?
Wayne: Yes, of course there is. Even excellent Russian speakers of English are subtly influenced by Russian in the way they present ideas or the way they conduct conversations when they talk to native speakers of English.
Marina: How? What are the differences?
Wayne: Well, first there are lexical items that are particularly Russian. These are expressions that creep into your English, that are somehow created between your Russian and the English you learn. For instance, in your society you have ‘home tasks’ set by your teacher instead of homework, and when you meet with your friends, don’t you call yourselves ‘the company’? And who hasn’t struggled with learning the complex object? English teachers don’t know what a complex object is. Then, there are the more obvious difficulties that come from grammar. For example, you speak English but you never use ‘the’ or ‘a’ correctly 100% of the time, so you guess.
Marina: So we have our own vocabulary and we have Russian grammar.
Wayne: There are other things. For instance, when you talk to people, you act differently from English people, too. You wait until someone finishes speaking and don’t normally interrupt them. English people can seem rude in the way they interrupt each other. They may also seem impolite when they begin talking. When you begin talking, and each time you want to emphasise a point, you say the other person’s name.




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