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Reading 7-8 класс (2)

Всероссийская олимпиада школьников по английскому языку Школьный этап. 

Прочитайте текст в левом столбике и выберите ответы к нему из правого столбика. Впечатайте в таблицу ниже выбранные буквы  А-H. Затем нажмите "Check", чтобы увидеть результат. Так как это второе задание демоверсии по чтению, нумерация ответов начинается не с 1, а с 11. Первое задание смотрите здесь.

Reading (task 2)

Five people (11-15) all want to buy a book for children. There are descriptions of eight books below (A-H). Decide which book would be the most suitable for these people to buy. You won’t need some of the books. For questions 11-15, write the correct letter (A-H) on your answer sheet.

by Hannah Lane

A I Wonder Why
The wonders of science come alive for children in this delightful book. As well as enjoying the lovely pictures, they will also learn about how plants grow, see how different birds care for their young and discover some interesting information about insects.
B Basic Technology
A love of knowledge begins early with this colourful reference book. Find out interesting facts and learn about important inventions in the last century. If you know a child who asks questions like ‘What make a car go?’, then this is the book for you.
C Painting History
This is a beautiful book showing famous paintings through history. Each painting is described in detail, including simple facts about the people shown in them and their lives. Children are invited to look more closely at the pictures and to try some of techniques themselves.
D The Hunter
In this exciting story, wonderfully illustrated by a famous wildlife artist, Jamina finds a baby elephant whose mother was killed by hunters. Looking for help, she travels back through the African bush and is able to enjoy the nature all around her. Her journey teaches her the importance of doing all we can to save and protect our world.
E Forest tales
This book is a collection of seven well-known animal stories from different cultures around the world. They are particularly suitable for reading aloud and would make good bedtime stories. Each story is about six pages long with bright and colourful pictures on every page.
F Journey to the Past
Lying ill in bed, Lucien knows he is not like other boys. In this imaginative story he finds out just how different he is. He discovers that he has the power to transport his mind through space and time. This amazing novel will appeal to those who read to escape from the real world.
G Time Travellers
This very interesting set of stories shows what life was really like for people at certain points in history – the building of the Eiffel Tower, the sinking of the Titanic, the first moon landing. Written as diaries, these stories are historically accurate.
H Joanna’s Search
Joanna was brought up by her aunt and uncle and has never known her parents. At 14, she decides to try and find the answers to the questions that she has always asked herself – ‘Who am I?’, ‘Where do I come from?’ The novel tells the moving yet funny story of Joanna’s search for her identity.
11. Gina wants a book for her nephew who is interested in nature. He’s always asking questions about the world around him and Gina thinks he’s ready to start learning a few simple facts.

12. Bruno is looking for the book his daughter will enjoy reading and which will also help with a project she is doing at school. She has to describe an important event from the past.

13. Edita’s son loves animals and she would like to buy him a book with beautiful pictures and a strong message about the need to respect the environment.

14. Tony wants to buy a novel for his teenage sister. She likes stories that are true to life and that show people in difficult situations.

15. Lydia is looking for a book about animals for her granddaughter, who cannot read yet. She wants a book with several stories in it, and some attractive pictures.

11 12

13 14



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