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Use of English 5-6 класс 

Всероссийская олимпиада школьников по английскому языку 
Школьный этап. 

Впечатайте буквы с выбранными ответами к 1 и 2 заданию в таблицу ниже и нажмите "отправить". Результат появится сразу, также можно будет посмотреть подробнее, какие ответы правильные, а какие нет.

Task 1. Read the article about bears. Choose the best word A, B or C for each gap 1-9.
There are many different types of bears 1 __ North America. For example, there are lots of black bears living there, but 2 __ knows exactly how many there are. There could be 3 __ 600,000 and 750,000, and strangely not 4 __ of them are black in colour. They can be brown, or 5 __ white.
Bears mostly sleep 6 __ the cold weather in winter, so they are very hungry when they wake up. They eat a lot of different things, such 7 __ leaves and fruit, and many people say they also love eating honey. Bears are very good 8 __ climbing trees, and baby bears 9 __ to climb when they are very young.
1. A in B by C on
2. A anyone B everyone C nobody
3. A between B either C about
4. A one B all C each
5. A even B always C still
6. A since B from C during
7. A like B as C than
8. A for B with C at
9. A learn B learned C learning

Task 2. Read sentences 10-15 about a boy who likes chess. Choose the best word A, B or C for each gap.
10. Robbie’s dad ___ Robbie to play chess when he was seven years old.
A learnt B taught C knew
11. When Robbie started playing chess, his dad explained things to him very ___.
A especially B certainly C carefully
12. Robbie likes to ___ most of his free time playing chess.
A spend B take C stay
13. Last term, Robbie ___ a chess club at his school.
A kept B joined C belonged
14. Robbie plays against the club’s best players to make ___ his game improves.
A right B sure C correct
15. Robbie was very happy when he won a ___ in a chess competition.
A present B gift C prize



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