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Reading 5-6 класс (1)

Всероссийская олимпиада школьников по английскому языку 2017–2018 уч. г. Школьный этап. Москва.

Reading (task 1)

Read the text below. Find the correct word in the passage for each of these definitions 1–7. The number in the brackets shows how many letters there are in the words.
1. A set of letters in a fixed order used for writing the words of a particular language
h (8)
2. A book that gives a list of words in alphabetical order and explains what they mean
o (10)
3. A word that means the opposite of another word
y (7)
4. A word that means the same as another word
o (7)
5. Another word for a book, or one of a series of books
e (6)
6. A book of maps is called an/a
a (5)
7. A picture, shape, mark or letter used to represent something
b (6)
Reference Books
Reference books are not designed to be read from the first page to the last but rather to be consulted to answer questions and give both general and specific pieces of information.
One of the most widely-used reference books is a dictionary, which provides information about words. It lists meanings and spellings, tells how a word is pronounced, gives examples of how it is used, may show its origins and also lists synonyms and antonyms. To help you to find the word faster, there are guide words at the top of each page showing the first and the last words on the page – and of course it helps to know the alphabet! There may be many special sections at the backwith facts about famous people and places, list of dates and scientific names, etc. There is usually a section at the front explaining how to use the dictionary.
An encyclopedia comes as either a set of books or a single large volume and is nearly always arranged alphabetically. As information changes so fast, encyclopedias have to be brought up to date regularly – this is easier if the information is in electronic format.
An atlas is also a reference book and contains charts, tables and geographical facts, as well as maps. Political maps locate countries and cities, physical maps showthe formation of the land with its mountains and valleys, and economic maps show industries and agriculture. To find a specific place, you need to look in the index at the back of the atlas and find a reference number which will indicate the correct page and the exact position on the map. There are a lot of map symbols that you need to know in order to be able to read a map – almost like a special language – and these are explained at the front of the atlas.


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