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Пример диалогического высказывания, выполненного учащимся (приводится без изменений) и оцененного в 10 баллов.

Задание для учащегося C3-1.1

You play the part of an exchange student in an international school in Malta.
You come to your
classmate Andrea/ Andre to borrow her/his Grammar Book.
You need it to write an essay on a
British tourist attraction/place of interest.

  • Ask for the Grammar book and explain what you need it for.
  • Answer your classmate’s questions about the tourist attraction you are going to write about.
  • Do not accept any suggestions for the day as you want to start writing
    the essay as soon as
  • Invite your classmate to see a new film tomorrow.

You begin the conversation. The teacher will play the part of your classmate.

Remember to:

  • explain what you need
  • answer the questions
  • express agreement/ disagreement
  • be polite

Student: Hello, Andrea! Interlocutor: Oh, hi! Student: I’m looking for a Grammar book. Do you have one?
Interlocutor: Yes, sure and you can take my Grammar book.
Student: Oh, thanks.
Interlocutor: What do you need it for?
Student: I’m going to write an essay on a British tourist attraction.
Interlocutor: What exactly are you going to write about?
Student: I think I’m going to write about the Madam Tussaud’s museum.
Interlocutor: Hm. Have you ever been there?
Student: No, unfortunately not. I’ve never been to London where the museum is situated. But I’ve seen a film about Madam Tussaud and her museum. The museum contains wax figures of famous people: singers, producers, actors, sportsmen, scientists, writers and politicians. Hundreds of people come to the museum every day to look at the celebrities and take photos of them. I hope I’ll visit London and the famous museum one day.
Interlocutor: I see. By the way, I’m having lunch. Would you like to join me? Would you like some pizza, it’s delicious?
Student: Oh, thanks for your invitation but unfortunately I have to start writing the essay now. But, perhaps, we could go to the cinema tomorrow?
Interlocutor: Oh, sounds great. And where shall we meet?
Student: We can meet at 4 o’clock at the cinema. Is it OK for you?
Interlocutor: Yes, see you tomorrow, then.
Student: Вye, thank you for the Grammar book.



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