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Пример тематического монологического высказывания, выполненного учащимся (приводится без изменений) и оцененного в 6 баллов.

C2. Student Card

Task 1

Give a talk on your favourite school subject.

Remember to say:

which of the school subjects you like most, why;

whether you prefer to study individually or in groups during your favourite lessons;

• whether this subject is going to be useful for your, and why/why not.

You have to talk 1,5–2 minutes. The examiner will listen until you have finished.
Then she/he will ask you a question.

Student: Well, two years ago I changed school because my family had moved. It wasn’t easy for me to get used to a new school and new teachers. But now I attend school with pleasure because it’s interesting to study there.

My favourite subject is Information Technology. IT, for short. I really enjoy computers. It’s so interesting. Computers give the opportunity to find necessary information quickly, communicate with friends and …enjoy playing computer games. I’m already quite good at computers and I want to be an IT specialist. That’s why IT lessons are useful for me.

In the lessons we are taught to write different programmes, use the Internet and make presentations. To my mind, …I think, I’ll need all these skills in future. We usually study individually in IT lessons. And … I don’t think that work in small groups is suitable for IT. I prefer to work individually because I can concentrate and do the task efficiently.

Well, there are many interesting subjects at school. But IT is the best.

Дополнительные вопросы:

1) Why have you chosen English as your exam this year? Student: I’ve studied English for 8 years and I think that the exam is a great chance to check my English.

2) What school activities do you like/dislike in your school? Why? Student: I like to take part in school sport competitions because I’m fond of sport. We often play football after classes and our school football team is skillful and friendly. 



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