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Лексико-грамматический тест. ОГЭ 21 английский язык

Выполните лексико-грамматический онлайн тест по материалам тренировочной работы 2021 года по английскому языку. Пригодится при подготовке к контрольной работе, заменяющей в этом году реальный экзамен, а также для тех, кто уже подумывает об итоговой аттестации за 9 класс в будущем или просто занимается английским. Онлайн получается быстрее, ответы появляются сразу после выполнения, попытки можно повторять.

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Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
Amy always did something special for her dad on his birthday. One year, she decided to make her dad a special birthday dinner. Just as she had finished preparing the dinner, her dad called. He 20 (ASK ) to do something important at his office and couldn’t get home in time for his birthday dinner. Then Amy had an idea for a birthday surprise. “If Dad can’t come to his birthday dinner, then his birthday dinner 21 (GO) to him!” she told her mom. Amy got to the office building and ran inside with the food packages. She stopped when she 22 (SEE) a big sign on the elevator door: “Elevator Out of Order.” Amy’s father’s office was on the 23 (TWENTY) floor! That’s a lot of stairs, but Amy was determined. By the time she got to the top, she was exhausted. “I 24 (COME) to bring you your birthday dinner,” Amy told her dad. “How wonderful,” her dad said. “What did you bring?” “Oh no!” Amy looked around and 25 (NOT CAN) find the packages of food. She realized that she 26 (LEAVE) them down by the elevator. Amy and her dad walked down the twenty flights of stairs. They found the packages of food by the elevator. Just then, her dad’s boss approached 27 (THEY) . “It looks like the elevator is broken ,” he said. “I guess you can go home for the night!” So Amy, her dad and the special birthday dinner all went home together. Everything turned out to be 28 (GOOD) than they thought!

Alexander von Humbolt was a German geographer and naturalist. He is famous for his 29 (EXPLORE ) of South America in the late 18th – early 19th centuries. During one of his expeditions along the Orinoco River, he was staying with a group of local people who had several parrots who could speak. Humbolt noticed, however, that the words of one of the parrots sounded quite 30 (DIFFER ) from those of the other parrots. He asked the people from the village why that parrot sounded so 31 (USUAL) and was told that it had been taught to speak by the people of the village that no longer existed. In fact, Humbolt found out, there were no people left who spoke that language, and the parrot was its last 32 (SPEAK). Humbolt wrote down about 40 words that the parrot could speak in his notebook, and so this language was not 33 (COMPLETE) forgotten. Modern linguists often use this story do demonstrate how important it is to record languages that die. At the moment, there are about 7,000 languages spoken on Earth, but they 34 (APPEAR) very quickly: one language dies every 2 weeks. In many places like Hawaii or Wales, people make special efforts to save local languages.


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