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British meals

Food & Eating Out

In Britain you can eat food from all over the world. In supermarkets you can buy almost anything and there are specialist shops for Asian and Mediterranean food.

There are many different restaurants - French, Greek, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Lebanese, Thai, Japanese and others. You should experiment. The most popular type of restaurant in England is probably Indian where you can eat curry and other spicy dishes. Nearly all restaurants have vegetarian food.

Meals in England

• Breakfast. Although traditionally cooked - fried bacon and eggs - most people usually eat toast or cereal and drink tea or coffee. Breakfast is before you go to work or school at about 07-30 or 08-00.

• Mid-morning break. At about 11-00 it is very common to have a short break for tea or coffee and a cake or some biscuits.

• Lunch. Usually at about 13-00 and takes no more than 1 hour. Most people only have a sandwich and a drink. Lunch in a pub is very common and often this is a sandwich, sausage and chips or a baked potato. Many people eat sandwiches in parks at lunch time.

• Afternoon break. Most people have a cup of tea or coffee and some biscuits at about 15-00.

• Tea/dinner. Usually the main meal of the day is at about 18-30. There are often two courses.

If you stay in a British home,  meals will normally be eaten with other members of the family. If there is any food you cannot eat, tell your family. It is OK to leave food on your plate. Don't be afraid to refuse food or to ask for more. Check what time the meal will be served, be on time and tell your family if you are going to be late or out for your meal. If you do come home late the family will not usually wait to eat their meal, but they will keep food for you. 



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