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Reading Trends

1. Перед прослушиванием прочитайте пояснения к некоторым выражениям из аудиотекста.
2. Прослушайте текст 1-2 раза и выполните тест.
3. Откройте текст аудиозаписи, расположенный ниже теста, и посмотрите, насколько точно вы поняли содержание.

As much as I used to” используется, когда говорится о том, что происходило раньше часто, но не происходит так часто сейчас. Пример:This year I’m going to try not to eat as much chocolate as I used to.

“Getting a lot of enjoyment out of” = “I enjoy +Ving” (люблю, получаю большое удовольствие от). Пример:I get a lot of enjoyment out of playing with my dog.

 “I do listen” do добавляется здесь к “I listen” для усиления, чтобы убедить собеседника. Пример: - Why don’t you ever speak in class? - I do speak in class when I’m in small groups, but I’m shy in front of everyone.

Therapeutic - прилагательное от слова  therapy. Характеризует то, что улучшает ваше состояние, самочувствие. Пример: Taking a bath when you are stressed out can be very therapeutic.

Have a big part to play in” означает "иметь большое значение, быть важным для, играть большую роль в". Пример: My music teacher has a big part to play in how much I love music. The location has a big part to play in the success of a business.


Tod and Monika


  1. Tod likes
    buying newspapers
    reading newspapers
    both buying and reading them
  2. When travelling Monika prefers
    reading books
    reading newspapers
    watching movies
  3. Who loves listening to e-books?
  4. Monika listens to e-books
    when she travels
    when she has nothing to read
    when she is tired




Todd: Actually I still enjoy newspapers somewhat. I like to eat my lunch and read the newspaper or maybe have a newspaper when I’m taking the bus or the train, so I have something to read, but I don’t buy them as much as I used to.

Monica: Yeah, that’s true, I really like the idea of having a newspaper in paper form and I do enjoy opening it up and having a coffee in the morning and reading the newspaper, but I don’t actually do that now.

Todd: So how often do you actually start and finish a book?

Monica: Well, I’ve been reading maybe one or two books a week, recently which is quite a lot for me.

Todd: Yeah, that’s pretty good.

Monica: As I said earlier, it’s really because I have a bit more spare time than I used to so that has changed my reading habits. And when I’m traveling I love reading, so if I’m on a train I love reading a book and if I’m on a plane I prefer to read a book than watch a movie, for example, so I get a lot of enjoyment out of reading books, still.

Having said that I do listen to e-books on the computer...

Todd: Oh, I love e-books.

Monica:...which I love because it’s very therapeutic I think listening to someone reading to you, a bit like when you were little and your mom used to read you a book. I like to do that when I’m really tired and I don’t want to actually physically read a book and I don’t want to even check my e-mail. I just want to lie down and basically listen to a story. Yeah, so I have enjoyed doing that recently and technology has had a big part to play in how much I do that.



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