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ВОШ 2023-24 школьный этап 7-8 Use of English онлайн тест

Перед вами онлайн вариант московской олимпиады 2023-2024 года. Это задание школьного этапа по лексике и грамматике для учащихся 7-8 классов. Под текстом с пропусками расположена таблица для выбора ответов и автоматизированного вывода результатов. Тест тренировочный и может использоваться не только при подготовке к олимпиадам. Задание по чтению смотрите здесь.

Read the text below and choose the word that fits best for each space. The first one is done for you. Example answer: 0 -  A

Jesse’s Journal

I’m so thankful we are all okay. I never imagined I’d have to go through something (0) ______ what happened yesterday. (1) ______, I thought we were(2) ______ to have a regular thunderstorm. The sky got dark and the wind picked up. Dad came in early from the fields on his tractor. (3) ______ my sister Julia said, “Look at the sky. (4) ______ look weird?”

We went to the window and saw strange, heavy clouds. I heard the wind begin to roar and started to feel (5) ______. Mom told us to run to the storm cellar, but I wanted to go to my room to get (6) ______ of my things first. Mom grabbed me and made me (7) ______ with everyone else. As we ran toward the storm cellar, I saw (8) ______ long, thin cloud drop down from the sky and touch the ground. The noise grew (9) ______, like a train rushing straight at us. My little brother Mark started to cry. He (10) ______ by my mother who carried him down the steps into the cellar.

We turned on the emergency lamps and huddled together. Above us, we heard horrible sounds of crashing and tearing (11) ______ seemed to go on forever. All I could think about (12)  ______ losing my tablet and smart phone. I knew Julia was worried about the clothes she (13) ______, and Mark (14) ______ about his favorite toys.

When (15) ______ finally grew quiet again, we came upstairs. The whole house was gone – (16) ______ gone. The garage next to the house hadn’t been touched, and (17) ______ barn was fine. We all had the exact same reaction. (18) ______ of crying about what we (19) ______, we hugged each other and cried because everyone was safe. We still had (20) ______ mattered most – our family.



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