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ВПР 7 класс английский язык лексическое задание

Выполните онлайн тест №6 по материалам реальной работы ВПР 2020 года. Прочитайте текст и выберите нужное слово для каждого пропуска из предложенного списка. Ответы появятся сразу. Но не торопитесь смотреть верные варианты, сначала проанализируйте свои ошибки.

A Soccer Training
Morgan is good at soccer. Her younger sister Emily asks Morgan to teach her. The sisters go out to practice in their yard. Morgan is very ; she wants to do her best training Emily.
"First, we can pass the ball to each other," Morgan begins. Emily at her attentively Morgan drops the ball on the soft, green grass. She lifts her right foot and kicks the ball towards Emily. It flies past Emily, and the next moment she it in their neighbour's front yard. "You kicked it too hard!" Emily shouts. Morgan smiles and sorry. She runs into the yard to get the ball back. "Okay, I'll try again, "Morgan shouts. This time, she kicks it more softly. Her foot pushed it straight to Emily. "It's ! I'm afraid I could never play like you!" Emily exclaims.

откройте эти две вкладки после выполнения задания и отметьте слова, которые оказались лишними (по порядку сверху вниз).

ВПР по английскому языку 7 класс 2020. Онлайн тест по чтению

В реальном задании № 4 нужно установить соответствие между текстами и их темами, которые выбираем из выпадающего списка. Следите за тем, чтобы каждая тема повторялась только один раз. После выполнения и анализа своих ответов, перейдите к заданию № 5, где в тексте вместо пропусков нужно выбрать нужную грамматическую форму. 

1) This text deals with .
The Volga Federal District gets its name from the Volga river which flows through it. The Volga is the largest river in Europe. The district makes up about 6% of the total territory of the Russian Federation. There are five cities with a population of over one million .Many cities of the Volga Federal Districtcan be reached by an overnight train from Moscow.
B) This text deals with .
"Sonya" is a great musical story of underwater sea life. It introduces us to a little fish who doesn't want to stay in the water. A young boy on the beach finds and saves the unusual little fish and names her Sonya. The boy and his fish become friends, They have a great adventure together. The story will be interesting to the whole family. It is really worth seeing.
C) This text deals with .
Going to the Waikato River is very exciting. The longest river in New Zealand is a wonderful place for sport and fun. Visitors and locals alike enjoy its waters for boating, waterskiing, cruising and kayaking. The west coast also provides a variety of opportunities for relaxation. You can find everything from surfing to a hot water beach on its beautiful banks.
D) This text deals with .
The main options of of getting around in England are train and long-distance bus. The bus is called coach in England. Services between the big towns and cities are generally good. However at pick times you must book in advance to be sure of getting a ticket. If you book early or travel at off -pick periods - ideally both - train and coach tickets can be very cheap.
E) This text deals with .
At the age of eleven children in England study about 10-15 subjects. They have such subjects as English, Maths, Science, History, Geography and others. At the end of the year they have to take examinations. The lessons usually finish by 3 o'clock and pupils may go home. Many children take part in out-of-class activities and hobby clubs to learn something new and develop new skills.


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