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Another year over

Песня о приближающемся празднике Рождества. Исполняется популярным английским комиком, а не профессиональным певцом. Это позволяет отчетливо расслышать все слова и послушать хорошее британское произношение.

1. До прослушивания песни, расположите данные слова так, чтобы получить рифмованные пары с выделенными словами в тексте. Затем включите клип и проверьте себя.

galore inbox clone friends ninety-two delayed remember idiotic dear time

2. Прослушайте песню еще раз и постарайтесь ответить на вопросы:
- Why was the man so nervous?
- What idea did he get?
- What gift did he consider to be the best for his family?


Another year over
Where do they go to?
It’s a mystery
Now it’s December
So much to 1)_____
Before Christmas Eve

I’m already late
And my train is 2)_____
disruption on the line
I race into work
And the place is berserk
Yes it’s Christmas 3)____

I wanna find the greatest gift
I can give my family
But right now
I don’t have time to breathe

The streets are chaotic
The shops 4)____
There’s a queue for the queue
A granny’s taking her time
At the front of the line
“Ninety-one. 5)____”

There’s a party at work
And the manager's twirking
To top off the day
Another train is delayed
It’s a catastrophe

Christmas time is here
“I’d like to spend the time
With the ones I love so 6)____.”

I’m trying to find the greatest gift
To give my family
I don’t have time, there’s only one of me

Tell me how do people do it all
I’ll never get it done
If only there was a way to be
In two places at once

Wait! That gives me an idea!

If I wasn’t alone
What if I had a 7)____?
I could do so much more!
It would all be a breeze
With a couple of  mes
I’d have time 8)___!

I want to find the greatest gift
To  give my family
The greatest gift I can give is me

Now I can meet with the boss
And empty out my 9)____
All simultaneously
Leaving me time to spend
With my family and 10)____
Where I want to be.

I want to find the greatest gift
To  give my family
The greatest gift that I can give is me



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