Question 1

A15 According to the author, Internet changes people because

A it adds lots of friends.
B it helps to create new communities.
C they spend too much time online.
D of the amount of information it provides.

Question 2

A16 Why does Internet, according to the author, influence reading concentration?

A The information there changes too fast.
B It leaves less time for reading.
C The bits of information there are very short.
D It provides excessive information.

Question 3

A17 Which of the following is NOT a feature of an online text?

A Clarity.
B Reduced size.
C Lots of descriptive words.
D Informative headline.

Question 4

A18 The way people read has changed because

A they dont need all the information they read about.
B they lost interest in serious literature.
C they had to adjust to new conditions.
D they had to read faster.

Question 5

A19 According to the author the new way of thinking helps people

A browse the Internet effectively.
B develop creativity.
C filter useless information.
D choose right things.

Question 6

A20 The author calls for

A allowing more time for personal life.
B giving equal attention to real world and Internet.
C developing thinking abilities.
D a healthy life style.

Question 7

A21 It can be implied from the text that the authors attitude towards Internet is sooner

A positive.
B skeptical.
C negative.
D neutral.