Грамматика и лексика (19-25)

Strange but true
Everybody knows Walt Disney, a person who invented many cartoon characters such as Donald Duck and Pluto. But it’s Mickey Mouse which (19 LOVE) by children all over the world.
Millions of kids worldwide (20 SEE) this cartoon since it was made.
However, few people know about the following fact. The funny thing is that Walt Disney, its creator, had a strong phobia – he was very much afraid of (21 MOUSE) !

Not quite a musician
Albert Einstein, the famous scientist, liked to play the violin very much. Once he found himself in the company with Hans Eisler, a composer and a pianist. They met for the (22 ONE) time.
Everybody began asking (23 THEY) to play together, so they agreed.
Einstein tuned in his violin but every time Eisler started a musical piece, Einstein (24 NOT CAN) get it right.
After several attempts Eisler (25 STAND) up from the piano and said: “I don’t understand why the whole world thinks this is a great scientist! He isn’t able to count to three!”