For items 1–16, read the text on the left and decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each gap.
I __ 1(enter) the room and __ 2 (see) my younger brother. He already __ 3 (do) his homework and __ 4 (sit) in front of the TV. He __5 (see) me and __6 (greet) me. I __ 7 (buy) a couple of buns in the street and I __8 (suggest) that my brother and I should have tea with them. My brother __9 (be) not very interested in the TV programme he __ 10 (watch) and he readily __11 (agree).He __ 12 (switch off) the TV and __13 (join) me at the table. I __ 14 (lay) the table and __ 15 (pour) tea when he __ 16 (join) me.