Moving Day

Gina, Julius, and Eddy sat on Uncle Tim’s living room floor. Uncle Tim (0) _________ across town, and the kids (1) __________ to decide how to work together to pack (2) __________ uncle’s books.
“Julius, (3) __________ can start putting the books into boxes,” Gina directed.
“No,” Julius argued. “I think Eddy (4) ________ do that. I’m the (5) __________ so it’s best if I carry the boxes to the car (6) ___________ Eddy has packed them.”
“I (7) __________ to pack them,” grumbled Eddy. “I want to watch TV.”
“Too (8) __________ , Eddy,” said Gina. “ (9) ________ job is to put the books into the boxes. Then I (10) __________ the boxes shut, and Julius will carry them out.”
“I have a (11) __________ idea,” Eddy declared.
“Eddy!” Gina and Julius (12) _________ said as they stood up, annoyed with their brother.
“We (13) ___________ you want to watch TV,” Gina said, “but Uncle Tim (14) ____________ your help today.”
“I know!” Eddy responded. “I want to help. How about (15) __________ you put the books into the boxes and I (16) _________ the boxes – but not with tape?” Eddy then dragged a box of books to (17) ________ center of the living room. He folded down the flaps on the top of the box in a clockwise order and finished by tucking half of the last one under the first one.
“(18) ________?” Eddy exclaimed.
Gina crossed her arms and (19) ________ her eyebrows. “Fine. I guess I’ll pack, (20) _________ ,” she said.
Eddy smiled. He clicked the TV remote and waited for his sister to finish filling a box.