The Sydney Opera House
For many years there was no good opera house in Australia. In 1954, Jorn Utzon from Denmark (19 WIN) a competition organized by the Australian government to build an opera house. The construction lasted for fourteen years until 1973.
Since then, the building (20 BECOME) the symbol of Australia. The best way to visit the Sydney Opera House is to see a show. In sunny weather visitors can take a picnic basket and enjoy (21 WALK) around the Botanic Gardens near the Opera House.
My job in a restaurant
I was seventeen, when I (22 GIVE) a job in a local fast food restaurant. Training was for three days. During the (23 ONE) two days I watched videos about my job. During the last day of orientation, I had to be at the restaurant to see how things got done.
I began work on Saturday, which was the (24 BUSY) day of the week.
My present job (25 NOT CONNECT) with cooking. I work for a computer company. I like it, but I miss communicating with people.