Ostankino Tower is the highest tower in Russia. Thanks to the Tower the citizens of Moscow can watch a lot of 29 (DIFFER )TV channels and listen to the radio.
The construction of Ostankino Tower, which lasted seven years, was completed in 1967. The 30 (USUAL) design of the TV tower – an upside down flower - was thought of by Nikolai Nikitin.
According to legend, it took the 31 (FAME) architect only a night to create the image of the tower.
Ostankino isn’t just a television tower but also a place where visitors can enjoy the 32 (WONDER) panorama of Moscow.
The Tower has several high-speed lifts that take people to the observation platform very 33 (QUICK).
More than 1,000 people visit it every day to enjoy the view and to get some 34 (INFORM) about the unique tower.