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Cyberspace communication
Nowadays most of us go to our computers to connect with friends instead of using our phones. Cyberspace relationships have become the norm for many people, even the most (B11 - CONSERVE) ones.
The convenience and (B12 - EFFECTIVE) of the Web is amazing. If we want to see a movie, find a place to eat or get in touch with a friend, we go to the Web before we call on the phone.
Critics, however, say that cyberspace communication loses some important factors of the social atmosphere. Most Web (B13 - USE) don't understand that when we talk to someone, we get many messages from them just by their tone of voice and body language.
A tender (B14 - EXPRESS) and eye contact cannot possibly be experienced over the Internet.
As with anything we do, without regular practice the act can become unfamiliar and (B15 - COMFORT) . There is a possibility that much can be (B16 - REAL) lost when we communicate via the Internet.