Пробный ЕГЭ 2013 (грамматика и лексика В4-В16)

Gap-fill exercise

Read the article below. Use the words in the brackets to form new words that fit in the same numbered space in the text.
Kate's birthday
It was Friday. My friend Kate invited me to her birthday party. I thought it was a good idea to do some shopping and buy Kate a present in the (CLOSE) department store. I knew that her husband Paul (BUY) her a beautiful ring. He was sure she (LIKE) it.
There are many beautiful museums in Greece. A few months ago one of the most striking museums in the world (OPEN) in Athens. It's the New Archaelogical Museum of Athens. The museum (EXHIBIT) ancient objects from the Acropolis and is an excellent international reference point for people interested in the classics. While they (EXCAVATE) to build the museum, archaeologists found some remains of ancient Athens. If a foreigner (COME) to Athens, he is sure to visit the New Archaelogical Museum of Athens.
Buckingham Palace
Londoners have a love-hate relationship with Buckingham Palace. To some, the Queen's home is ugly, but it's also held in esteem as the symbol of Britain's (ROYAL) .The palace arose within a mulberry grove in the early 18th century as a mansion for the (POWER) Duke of Buckingham. It was purchased in 1761 by George III for his wife Queen Charlotte (he preferred to live in St James's Palace). However, it wasn't (LUXURY) enough for George IV. After the building came under his control in 1820 he commissioned his favourite architect, John Nash, to (BUILD) it on a more magnificent scale. Despite costly alterations, which reached around half a million pounds, the palace wasn't occupied until Victoria became Queen in 1837 and made it the (OFFICE) royal residence in London. The palace has 775 rooms, of which 19 are State Rooms. But only two sections of the palace are (REGULAR) open to the public: the Royal Mews which contain royal vehicles from coaches and Rolls-Royces to horses, and the Queen's Gallery, which displays paintings from the priceless Royal Collection.