Text 1

Прочитай текст. Закончи предложения, выбрав из предложенных вариантов тот, который соответствует содержанию текста (A, B или C).

Once upon a time there was a little boy whose name was Bob. He lived in a small house with his Mum and Dad.
Bob was a very nice and kind boy. But he liked to growl (рычать) at tigers. “Bob, tigers don’t like it when people growl at them,” his mother told him.

Оne day he went for a walk to find a tiger. In 5 minutes he saw a tiger behind a tree. When Bob came to the tree, the tiger jumped and growled, “Gr-r-r, gr-r-r.” But Bob started to growl at tiger too. The tiger was shocked (был поражен).

“Does he think I am a cat?” he thought: “I must ask the boy about it.” “Why do you growl at tigers, little boy?” he asked. “I am very shy,” Bob answered. “And if I growl at tigers people think I am brave.” “You are a very clever and brave boy!” the tiger said. After that they often went for a walk together and growled.
1. Bob was a little boy who
A was not shy.
B was nice and kind.
C was clever and strong.
2. Bob’s mother told her son:
A “Tigers like when people growl at them.”
B “People don’t like when tigers growl at them.”
C “Tigers don’t like when people growl at them.”
3. Once Bob saw a tiger
A behind a tree.
B behind his house.
C behind his mother.
4. When Bob saw the tiger,
A he ran away.
B started to growl at the tiger.
C shouted for help.
5. Bob and his new friend often went for a walk together
A and growled at tigers.
B and growled at people.
C and growled.