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ЕГЭ Чтение 4

ЕГЭ Чтение 4

Gap-fill exercise

You are going to read an extract from an article about folk customs. Seven sentences have been removed from the article. Choose from the sentences A-H the one which fits each gap (1- 6). There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use. There is an example at the beginning (0).
The Yule Candle.
The Yule Candle was a very large ornamental candle. in Britain, Ireland and Scandinavian countries it used to be used at Christmas-time. (0) С Holly leaves were also sometimes used to decorate it. On Christmas Eve it might be lit and placed on or near the supper table. (1)
Sometimes, however, it wasn’t lit till early on Christmas morning (2) . In some districts it was not lit again but it was more usual for it to be re-lit every night till Twelfth Night.
(3) . If it went out however, or was blown out, then it was a warning of tragedy or death in the coming year. Generally it was only lit by the head of the family. When it was lit it was unlucky if anyone else touched it. Snuffing it out was also considered unlucky, as was moving it from its chosen place. A pair of tongs was used to press the wick down when it was time to put it out. Sometimes it was left to burn itself out, but this was not very common because people believed that the stump of the candle had protective or fertilizing powers. (4) It was also thought to be a charm against evil if it was kept in the house for the next twelve months.
(5) This was supposed to prevent the house from being struck by lightning. Farmers in Sweden were known to smear the plough with tallow – the animal fat used to make the candle – when ploughing started in the spring. This was supposed to bless the soil and ensure a good harvest. In some parts of Scotland though, the remains of the Yule Candle were locked away in a chest and were only used at the solemn celebration of the death of the owner.
At one time, even until about the middle of the 18th century, Yule candles were given as a mark of respect. Candlemakers would present them to valued customers as Christmas gift. Up until the outback of the First World War, English grocers often sent customers boxes of coloured candles at Christmas (6) . They could not really be compared with the traditional long-burning Yule Candle. Лишнее предложение

A No one ever blew it out because that brought bad luck.
B In Denmark, it was often relit during the year, if a thunderstorm was expected.
C It was often coloured red, green or blue.
D There, it would be left to burn all night.
E Then it burned till bedtime.
F These, however, were of ordinary size.
G Yule Candles were difficult to obtain.
H The Yule Candle was supposed to bless the household.



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