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Прослушайте две беседы о кино. Подкасты по времени довольно большие, но можно их слушать по фрагментам, запоминая время, на котором остановили запись. Полезно повторять хотя бы отдельные предложения за диктором. Ниже привожу некоторые вопросы, которые задают слушатели по теме во втором эпизоде. Проанализируйте формы их подачи, учитесь сами по-разному задавать вопросы.
Внимание! После прослушивания (или просто включения) любой части подкаста нужно обновить страницу, чтобы продолжить слушать следующую.

English spoken in some Hollywood movies is very easy to understand while in others it is so difficult. Why?

Everyone likes comedy films so what are the all time best comedy films? Who is his favourite comedian?

What makes a film excellent?

Tell us what the decisive factor of the differences between the Cannes and other movie festivals from your points of views!!

Could you tell us a few titles of movies which could be easy to understand for improving our level of english listening? Which do you think that could be the best way to watch movies for learning english: with original subtitles or with subtitles in our language?

Since when do you think popcorn became a symbol food of movie theater and why? What British food do you think would replace popcorn? Don’t say fish n chips!!

Do you agree that ‘citizen Kane’ is the best film made in the 20th century?

Are people in the UK (or the US) familiar with Russian movies? Did you watch any of those?

What do you think about stereotypes of French movies?

What is an underrated film in your opinion?

Do you like the trilogy of Back to the Future? What do you think about it?



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